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Spootniks (or Cadillacs) are St. Petersburgs’ rock kings! Spootniks tour all over Russia and Europe with their frontman Sergey Shornikov whom you’d better not mess with ‘cause he is a real rock’n’rolla!

They’ll show you what classic rockabilly is all about!

They’ll show you what classic rockabilly is all about! The Cadillacs trio first saw the light in 1996, although they were a quartet back then. They didn’t aim for the big stage, rehearsed in flats and performed in “some sort of colleges” as they say. They even chose the name by accident – all the founders had tattoos that pictured something along the lines with the Cadillac.

With time, however, these car-lovers gained success and became a band that represented St. Petersburg rockabilly. The members changed until they lost a drummer, whose absence was compensated by Sergey Shornikov’s acoustic guitar, and that was when the band began its way to fame. As every regular band in the music industry they had to make their way from the bottom to the top, going from small clubs to the ones that had the best rockabilly performers.

The most “glamorous” point of their career was performing at Vladimir Putin’s dacha during Philipp Morris office party, where they performed on the same stage as Ivanushki International and Gosti iz buduschego.

Cadillac’s songs were often included in compilation CDs like “Splendid Seven” (1999) that had American sponsorship and was frequently aired in the US. These guys became even more recognizable after being included in the “Rockabilly Girl” CD that was distributed all over Russia by the Avtozvuk magazine in more than 50 thousand copies.

CADILLACS have also toured abroad. Ten years ago they performed at “Rockabilly rave” festival in England. No one could believe that it was a Russian band. Festival’s producer suggested changing the name to SPOOTNIKS, since there was already a band with the name Cadillacs in the US in the ‘50s who managed to hit the charts. And that’s how they got the name Spootniks.

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