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Only the best live musicians from Russia
Sunny Cuban music
Markscheider Kunst is a great example of how music can make your life complete! Their songs are like solar power cells that are so tempting to use to speed things up. From the very beginning Markscheider Kunst were living their lives to...
Sunny fusion
Captain Leto plays neo-chanson that has a French feel to it. They perform their sweet and catchy pop songs in both Russian and English – some might call them average, but they’re actually very sophisticated and nice for any kind...
Real acoustic retro
Domino Quartet are professional musicians from St. Petersburg, playing acoustic music from ‘30s-‘50s. Famous smash hits in French, Russian and Italian make a perfect match with Domino’s own romantic songs. By playing acoustic Domino Quartet bring our favorite love songs to...
Musical circus
Raznosoly is an old Leningrad band that plays both happy and sad Soviet songs from ‘50s-‘70s (“Leytenant molodoy i krasiviy” (Young and handsome lieutenant), “Kogda fonariki kachautsya nochnie” (When the night lights swing), “Lublyu tsigana Yana” (Love the gypsy Yan),...
funk, soul, organ-groove
Red Organic Trio – a groovy organ trio   The youngest constellation on the St.Petersburg jazz horizon, Red Organic Trio proves that the possibilities of an organ trio, poorly studied in our country, are practically inexhaustible. Within months, the band has managed...
Spootniks (or Cadillacs) are St. Petersburgs’ rock kings! Spootniks tour all over Russia and Europe with their frontman Sergey Shornikov whom you’d better not mess with ‘cause he is a real rock’n’rolla! They’ll show you what classic rockabilly is all about!...
Onega, Belarusian and Cossack songs
Slavyansky Kitsch perform Onega, Belarusian and Cossack folk songs as well as rare songs from the ‘60s written for the gusli&bayan ensemble (“Barinya” (Lady), “Uralskaya plyasovaya” (Ural dance song), “Vniz po Volge-reke” (Down the Volga River), “Yablonka” (Apple tree) etc.)...

Big Livers

rock-n-roll, rockabilly, pop of 50th

St. Petersburg rock’n’roll trio from 1996 and one of the first bands to play the real rockabilly! Early ‘50s in Elvis style, fun dance songs and lyrical melodies is the key to Big Liver’s success among their fans and audiences at...


Swing Couture

Gypsy jazz

Today Swing Couture is the best St. Petersburg band playing French gipsy jazz. Fun, exciting, passionate and classy they were the first band to play gipsy jazz in St. Petersburg and wow us with their unique style. You can listen to...


The Sloptones

surf, si-fi, 60's

The Sloptones – a surf band The Sloptones have been around for mere three years, but today the St. Petersburg surf scene would have been incomplete without them. Their wavy music sounds suits just fine at wake-stations in the Gulf of...


Easy Winners


Easy Winners Ragtime Band is definitely a unique and exceptional band that plays jazz in its’ earliest form, while the most Russian bands choose to perform ‘40s and ‘60s jazz. In their “Birth of jazz” program Easy Winners show us the...